Motorcyclist riding the well of death


Well of Death

The well of death is a popular event in India often displayed during large festivals throughout the year. Held in a makeshift cylindrical structure, around 30ft in diameter, cars and motorcycles are driven around the walls at great speed. The drivers perform stunts whilst driving along the vertical walls and collect money from the audience as they go past. The audience are positioned along the top of the walls of the structure. From there they can gaze down at the riders.
These images were taken during the festival of Magh Mela in Allahabad, 2014.

Ticket vendor Worker at gate Stadium and spectators
Car driver in well of death Motorcyclist in well of death Motorcyclist in well of death Motorcyclist at bottom of the well Spectator handing money to a driver Driver poses with car Driver gestures to the audience Motorcycle being push started Three cars drive around the well Damaged car