Large waves on natural arch


Shetland Landscapes

Scenic landscapes are not hard to come by in Shetland. The coastline, hills, lochs and even the towns and villages can have a wonderful aesthetic. These landscapes are all enhanced by the quality of light you experience at 60° north, especially in Winter when the sun is very low in the sky.
I find Shetland's coastal scenery immensely dramatic. There are over 1000 miles of coastline, and much of this is very exposed to the harshest of elements. Such conditions have created some stunning rock formations and dramatic cliffscapes.

Lighthouse on hill Natural arch in cliff Coastal view
Waves crashing on coast Wave crashing on a rock at sea Cliff scene Stormy seas Cliff Scene Waves at beach
Gannets on a cliff
Stormy seas and high cliffs Cliff scene Sheep at sunset in field Large waves crashing over natural arch Red sandy beach Stormy seas Fishing vessel infront of island Sunset cliff view
Tombolo beach at sunset Island on horizon at sunset Lerwick harbour landscape