Scallop dredge close-up


Scallop Fishing, Shetland

Scallops are fished throughout the year in the surrounding waters of Shetland. Small boats fish for the shellfish using a series of dredges which are towed along the seabed.
The crew will periodically raise the dredges and empty the contents on to the deck to collect the scallops. Once ashore, the scallops are collected by companies for processing and resale as scallop meat.

Baskets of scallops on deck Working with wires aboard scallop vessel Coloured buoys along the side of the vessel
Scallops on the deck of the vessel Scallop dredges lifting out of the water Scallops being placed in a basket Picking up scallops Picking up scallops Worker emptying scallop dredge Full scallop dredges alongside the vessel Worker picking up scallop shells Deck view of a scallop vessel Worker operating crane Worker emptying dredges Worker emptying dredges Worker operating winch Scallop vessel at sea
Scallop shells close-up