Pilot vessel approaching a cruise liner


Lerwick harbour, Shetland

A busy port in the Shetland Islands with traffic mainly from fishing, oil and cruise vessels.
This collection of images feature harbour based scenes I've captured from 2016 and onwards.

Offshore vessel arriving in port Bow of a cruise ship Fishing vessel passing lighthouse in stormy seas

Vessel Operations

Harbour staff tying up vessel Standby vessel in calm seas Harbour staff tying up vessel Harbour staff tying up vessel Harbour staff tying up vessel Ship's bow moving through water Sailing vessel in stormy seas Offshore vessel approaching harbour Pilot vessel following offshore vessel Heavy lift vessel and a worker cleaning a large tank Offshore vessel behind pilot vessel Fishing vessel in harbour

Harbour Industry

Man using wire press Gas cutting Worker grinding boat panels
Close-up of a welder Grinding fishing wires Welding trawler doors