Monastery over a bridge covered in prayer flags


Buddhist monasteries in Ladkah, India

Ladakh is located in India's most northern state, Jammu & Kashmir. Ladakh is a mountainous region which includes parts of both the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges. The population mostly live at an altitude of between 8,000ft and 14,000ft.
These images focus on the Buddhist monasteries found throughout the landscape.

A row of food bowls during ritual Young boy serving tea Boys reading religious text
Prayer wheel Door handle to prayer room Small buddha statues Mountain view and prayer flags Monk holding prayer beads Monk in monastery grounds Monk sat on pile of wood Monk in front of painted wall Monk playing cricket Monk sat infront of stove Inscribed stones Large gold buddha statue Picture of the Dalai Lama Buddha statue in a snowy landscape Cook making bread at Rhizong monastery Young monk at festival Monks sat watching festival Masked dancer Monk sat watching festival Young boy in costume Dancers at buddhist festival
Mountain scene through prayer flags Row of prayer wheels Snowy mountain peaks