Fisherman's boots on gunwhales

Northern Seas Fishing

Northern Seas Fishing

The waters surrounding Shetland are rich in marine life. They have been fished by many for centuries, providing a source of food and income. The fishing industry is the main source of income for the local economy and has become an integral part of Shetland life for many. The Shetland seafood industry is worth around £300 million annually, far more than any other industry in the isles.
Many fishermen spend a huge part of their lives at sea, often battling the elements to get their catch. Sea conditions can be extreme around Shetland as winds can often gust over 100mph and wave heights have been known to reach over 15m high.
This project was undertaken to catch a glimpse of the working lives of fishermen in the surrounding waters of Shetland.

Fisherman operating crane Wheelhouse view Deck view of a fishing boat
Fisherman watching net being winched in Seagulls flying above the catch Skipper looking out of the wheelhouse Stormy wheelhouse view Mackerel in a chute Fisherman working with the net Fishermen mending the net Net mending close-up Fisherman holding hook Fisherman operating a winch Men working on the deck of a fishing vessel Fisherman ties the cod end of the net The cod-end filled with fish Deck view of a fishing vessel The cod-end alongside the boat Deck view in the early morning Bow of a fishing vessel alongside Crew on deck as the vessel arrives in port